Day 162 It’s Snowing in Toronto!

This morning after a little sleep in and cooking omelettes for breakfast I sat down briefly to flick through Facebook while sipping my espresso, before a day planned at work on the computer drawing Regions of Interest on contrast ultrasound images.  I glanced up and saw such an odd thing: it looked like particles of white dust were materialising out of nowhere and blowing about in the gusty breeze.  Maybe a truck full of feather down has upturned?  I concluded.  No, that can’t be right, I hadn’t heard a crash.  It must be dust or bits of paper.  Oh. My. God!  We were about to witness our first flurry of snow in Toronto.  I started to squeal with delight, which didn’t bring Daniel from the bedroom quickly enough.

It soon became a bit stormy and I was jumping up and down the apartment with excitement.  It’s another thing that we’ve seen on TV or movies but never experienced in person.  Later on, while I was at the hospital Dan SMS messaged me, “More snow”. I filmed PMH and MSH across the street, starting to blanket in frosty white.  Very excited.

I hope the novelty lasts long.  Otherwise I’m going to get very grumpy and cold.  It was also super slippery walking back home this evening.  The snow had melted and compacted into ice.

It’s hard not to burst out singing Christmas carols.  This time of year we’re used to wearing shorts and singlets and wishing it wasn’t so bloody hot.


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