Day 163 How The Weekend Vanished

I had big plans for today: somehow finish processing the other 7 cases of CEUS, cut and paste the exported Excel data into my summary Excel workbooks (I was very excited to have spent a few hours last week making a template Excel workbook that summarises data pasted into allocated sections on the sheets underneath).  After a brief sleep in (8 am), cleaning the kitchen and making omelettes for breakfast it was already almost 11 am by the time I made it to the hospital.  The first case took me three hours to go through as the motion-corrected case files each took minutes to load, and there were 28 to do.  Research projects always seem to be bigger time sinks than World of Warcraft, but are equally satisfying grinds.  Though nothing beats Timbermaw reputation grind before it got easy.

By 3 pm I was delirious and caught the subway home, as Dan had messaged and had organised a Sunday afternoon trip to the cinema with the Pete and Royden.  We watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  I haven’t seen the first film, or read the books.  It was entertaining.

Dan had organised dinner with Pauline tonight, at Panorama, a restaurant on level 51 of a nearby building on Bloor St.  There is a nice view of Toronto.  The food was similar in quality to the similar good view so we can charge what we like for average quality food places in Perth.  I tried the lobster macaroni and cheese.  I won’t be eating macaroni and cheese for a while.  It was good to catch up with Pauline.  We got so excited taking photos of ourselves on the balcony and then in the elevator that we forgot to press the button to go down and were just standing in a closed elevator.

I struggled to stay awake during tonight’s dinner, because last night’s dinner at Ur and Israel’s went until 1 am. It hadn’t seemed so late at the time. The snow made their block look magical.  Their kitchen is as big as our unit (well at least two of the rooms) which is an advantage of living further out.  Ur had cooked up a small feast and they had several bottles of good Australian wines.  Next time we will have to turn on the karaoke machine.


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