Day 167 The End of Another Month

This month has disappeared quickly.  Standing in the lift last night, after a day at TGH working on data analysis and trying to ignore the fire alarm testing alarms, I realised I was no longer thinking about home, and that for now our apartment was “home”.  It has begun to feel pointless numbering the days and I’ve forgot several now, for my planned daily selfie shots to string together to make a video out of.  Today, at the Hydro building there was more fire alarm testing but it consisted of a few floors evacuating and a building-wide alarm that went on for about 20 minutes. It is impossible to concentrate during a fire alarm.

After rounds tonight the Abdo fellows were meant to go for sushi, sake and karaoke but it didn’t happen.  Consequently we all quickly dispersed.  We had a visitor from Perth, Simon, who was in town.  It was weird seeing somebody from Perth and made me feel like we were in prison receiving a visit, especially because today was minus degrees Celcius.

Dan suggested that we wander through Kensington Markets and it was a good idea.  We found a place called Hungary Thai that sounded very dodgy – both Hungarian and Thai food!  It was surprisingly tasty, if a little salty.  But, unlike most places in Canada so far their were spices and chill in the food.

Lady Gaga & The Muppets Thanksgiving Special!


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