Day 173 Test

In October we bought a 4-movie pass to the Inside Out Four Play series: four films screened at the TIFF building over a 5-month period.  The first film, Sarah Prefers to Run, Dan has renamed several times to things like, Sarah Prefers to Bore Everybody to Death.  I don’t think Dan enjoyed tonight’s film much either, Test.  I didn’t mind it but there were several long gaps where I completely vagued out and wondered what the purpose of the scene was.  Like all the other films we’ve seen this year with dancers in them (why the flurry of dance on film this year?) there were lots of segments of pure dance.  Trained in Bharatanatyam I don’t mind pure dance for enjoyment pure dance.  But plonked in the middle of a narrative film it sometimes jars me and I get critical of the dancers’ technique.  He’s out of time.  She’s late.  He added extra feet.  Why is he looking at the floor!?

At least tonight’s film made me think.  Set in the 80s at the time of AIDS and release of an HIV antibody diagnostic test it follows a young ballet dancer working in a small company.  There was a nice parallel story about mice.  I revelled in the nostalgia (I can’t believe I’m old enough to now experience this) of things like a walkman, cassette tapes and telephones where you have to dial a number.  It made me remember things I didn’t know I remembered, from childhood.

There was a track by Laurie Anderson in the film.  I turned to Daniel, with recognition. “This sounds like that song that you like.”  Something about experts and a problem.  Only an Expert.  Hope it’s on iTunes.

Today I worked with my Fellowship Supervisor for next year’s year of Abdo.  Wanting to make a good impression made me nervous and I consequently completely mixed up the words desmoid, carcinoid & dermoid.  I wanted to diagnose a carcinoid on an abdo CT but called it a desmoid, and in trying to explain it, said dermoid.  I knew what I meant in my head: mesenteric calcific mass, possibly with liver mets.

Tonight’s film reminded me of the first time Mum let me borrow her walkman: I was on the bus back to Perth from visiting grandparents in Latham.  I was listening to the Eurythmics, Sweet Dreams.  By the end of the 3-hour bus ride the batteries were flat. The Eurythmics slowly distorted while the batteries died.  I used to spend a lot of time deciding on which type of blank cassette tapes to buy.  There were so many types.  I reckon Mum probably still has her Eurythmics cassette somewhere.


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