Day 179 Banana Cake

Woke yesterday morning to snow on the ground.  Walking to the train station provided at least three completely different textures: a soft crunch straight outside the doors of the freshly fallen snow, a coarse crunch of the salt crystals spread on the food path, and deathly slippery ice.  I was beside myself with excitement.

Last night we went to Pete and Royden’s for dinner, as Pete had made too much of a  Greek meal made of baked tomatoes stuffed with mince.  They were delicious.  We were watching the TV while we ate, a really odd American cable show called 1000 Ways To Die.  Gruesome re-enactments, aggressive male voice-over and attention-deficit segment after segment.  We’ve made the right decision to not continue with our cable service.

Why is snow crunchy!?
Why is snow crunchy!?

Yesterday we got up at 6am and went to the gym.  Shoulders and legs.  The receiver for the wireless iPhone dock is still missing.  Every time I went to the exercise room someone had tried to plug the AV output of the receiver into the stereo plug socket of the wireless transmitter.  I re-plugged it into the stereo.  Now it’s gone.  Probably to get “fixed”.

Tonight we’ve spent at home, as I started sneezing yesterday and went to bed early with a headache.  Dan had cooked a yummy chilli soup with chicken meatballs.  For dessert we’ve got a moist banana cake Dan baked with the overripe bananas.  Delicious!  We’re watching Midsomer Murders off Netflix.  The actor that plays Vampire Bill from Trueblood is in it and looks incredibly young!


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