Day 183 Saturday Night

Saturday night in Washington was spent meeting Dave’s friend, Manny.  Dave is one of those people that knows somebody in every city and goes out of his way to try to connect people that he knows.  At first I was wary, why on Earth would I want to meet somebody that I don’t know, when we’re only in town for a weekend?  I’m glad Dave had made the suggestion as I had a really good time, and I think Daniel did too.

We started on a rooftop bar, El Centro, for Happy Hour.  I had a tequila based drink with frozen mango.  It was pretty hefty, and only $4.  I had another.  I couldn’ t finish it.   It had started to rain and occasional drops made it through the overlapping sheeting that covered the rooftop, and they landed on my thigh.  At first it was warm enough to take off our jackets but then it got cooler.  When happy hour was over we finished our drinks and headed next door to a tapas-Asian fusion place, Masa 14.

We were asked for ID when Daniel ordered a drink.  “What is the legal age in the U.S.!?” I asked, as Daniel is thirty.  Some compliment.  After having finished one and a half drinks all to myself I was more concerned with making sure we ordered chicken wings than the concerned look on the server’s face.

Manny was keen on the octopus and okra dishes, I wanted the calamari, then later chicken wings, Dan got a seaweed salad and some crispy shrimp thing.  We possibly ordered other dishes but they were all quickly consumed, with a few more drinks between Dan and Manny (I drank water and a hot chocolate for the rest of the night).

We tried to get in to a speakeasy a few blocks North but they were full.  The venue was through an unmarked door and off a stairwell; it was made out like a real speakeasy, even though there is no Prohibition.  The doorman took Manny’s cell number and promised he’d call, “We know you’re good for it.”  Manny has been before.

Up the road at a Greek bar, Kapnos, we found 2 barstools empty, and a third soon became free.  Manny and Daniel tried different cocktails and I had a hot chocolate.  It tasted like there were sesame seeds in it.  Crunchy too.  The barman let Manny try the liquor imported from a Greek island made from the sap of some plant that grows there.  It was 68 proof.

I was falling asleep at dinner, even before after drinks, so I declined hopping on to a third bar, though Manny was keen.  We walked off our dinner and drinks back down to the hotel (about W to M streets).  After crawling in to bed I quickly fell asleep, mid Whats App conversation with Simon back home in Melbourne.


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