Day 186 Busy Busy

It’s been a long day.  Last night’s Abdo Division Christmas dinner downtown at Reds Wine Tavern went a bit late.  Also the glass of sangria and red wine left me merry.  Dan started watching First Wives Club on Netflix when I got home and so consequently stayed up until midnight waiting for it to end, which it didn’t.

This morning I was up in the dark to get to TGH by 7:30 as Bann has flown into town for an interview.  What’s with it with this year’s group wanting to sub specialise in chest and cardiac?  Cardiac CT and MRI!?  Bleh!  I bought Bann a coffee and we had a brief chat, before she went off to the admin offices for her interview and I started on the growing CT reporting list.  Canada has definitely become the fellowship location of choice for Perth RANZCR trainees.

Today Martin and I had no resident and there were several phone calls and quite a few ED add ons again.  We still managed to eat lunch (while reporting) and he gave me good tips on places to go next time we go to Washington DC (an art gallery I’ve already forgot the name of and something else I can’t remember).  Why is it that complicated referrals always seem to occur at 16:45?  It’s an unwritten universal hospital phenomenon.  Fellowship offers have gone out for Abdo for 2015 and Martin asked if I knew any of the Australian candidates… who were from Melbourne and Sydney.  Perth doesn’t seem to register in anybody’s mind as being a separate city, thousands of kilometres away from anything else.

The subway was busy when I left at 17:30.  Downstairs in our building they’ve already fixed the pathway light that some idiot reversed into yesterday and had knocked over.  They’ve also lined the floors with thick carpet.  I finally realised on the weekend why the snow all dries like armpit deodorant stains: it’s the salt they use on the footpath, dissolves into the snow on shoes then forms salt rings on the floors.  We’ve got salt ring puddle reminders in our apartment too.  I’ve somehow got one on my jacket sleeve!

Tonight Dan cooked dinner for Pete and Royden (they’ve had us over a few times already and it was way past our turn to cook).  Pete bought some bloody delicious “paleo” chocolate tart things from a bakery on Church St.  We give him hell about using the word “paleo” for everything.  How can baked goods be “paleo”!?  There were no ovens or mills or baking trays!  Pete is razor sharp though and can give as good as he gets.  We downloaded Muriel’s Wedding onto the Apple TV and introduced them to classic Aussie film.  I can’t believe it’s almost 20 years old.  Twenty years!  I was in High School!  I’m definitely not in my twenties any more.


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