Day 191 An Ice Storm

Ice storm!
Ice storm!

Streetcars are offline, there are power outages and tree branches are snapping off because they’re frozen into branching icicles.  We must have slept through the storm though because it’s just overcast and cold-looking outside.

We walked outside and down Church St and had breakfast at Smith.  It’s like everybody has decided to defrost their refrigerators and thrown out frost and ice and water onto the street.   I tried to moonwalk at the traffic lights, to Daniel’s annoyance, “You’ll slip [and hurt yourself]!”  I compromised and just kicked icicles in front of me with each step.  They make a satisfying tinkling sound as they shower and land.

The trees on the walkway behind our building are also tinkling.  It’s odd to hear trees tinkling.  Each slender branch and twig is lined like a colourless toffee apple with ice.  They snap off easily too.  I stopped short of pushing the trunk to see if a shower of icicles fell down because I didn’t want to get stabbed.



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