Day 192 In Transit

We slept in. I spent the morning cleaning the unit, while watching Downton Abbey on Netflix. I watched the first two seasons already last year, onboard flights across Australia to and from conferences held on the East coast. It’s still ridiculously captivating even when you know what’s going to happen. It was quite satisfying to tidy up the hall cupboard and wipe down the fridge shelves.

Dan has managed to fill his luggage with enough clothing to last a winter that he’s had to spill into mine. I had initially packed changes of socks and undies but then felt that by comparison to Dan’s small mountain of clothes I should add my ski pants, jacket and a spare t-shirt as well.

Out flight to Iceland is due to depart at about 20:00. It arrives at six in the morning. They are five hours ahead of Toronto. We won’t have slept then will be too excited to sleep tomorrow. Hope we survive until we can check in to our hotel and pass out on the bed. For Christmas Dan has planned Blue Lagoon and a Northern Light tour. The forecast is for overcast skies so the lights, the main reason for our trip, might not happen. Dan will be disappointed.

We are on the subway travelling West from Bloor to Kipling. The train makes familiar ka-chunk ka-chunk sounds like the trains in Sydney. The brakes also shriek with a piercing pitch. I used to hate travelling and liminal spaces. I was too focused on wanting to get to my destination. The journey was just an inconvenient thief of my time. I’ve learned to appreciate the journey, and now it’s the most exciting part of my holiday. So full of hope. It’s like we are on the upslope of the roller coaster, inching forward to the plateau before the terrifying drop. I hope our plane doesn’t crash.



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