Day 193 I Love My Down Jacket

I passed out on the plane after boarding, despite it being only 8 pm. After an hour I startled, ate some salted almonds that I found in my headphone case, and watched a 24 min advertisement documentary on Reykjavik. I then gave up all hope for sleeping before today and watched the third Matrix film.

As we landed in Iceland I was the kind of tired where if you close your eyes you instantly fall asleep for a few seconds. Then your head lolls over and you wake up.

The airport is curious. We disembarked only for the entire plane to have to go through security. Then we had a quicker customs check than returning to Australia, “Hello,” stamp, “Goodbye.” Our bags were out as we’d spent so long in queue at security.

Dan bought tickets for the coach into Reykjavik and then lined up at the exchange. I stood with the bags periodically closing my eyes, falling asleep, startling, then closing my eyes.

We had packed our down jackets into my luggage when we checked in. Should we get them out? We were about to get into the heated coach. Nah. Five minutes of standing in cyclonic arctic winds and dark on icy pavement made our hands sting. We got our bags put in the under hold and waited at the door. Full. We got our bags out. I got our jackets out. I was so glad I went overboard and wore a singlet, a shirt, a woollen jumper, insulated boots and brought a down jacket.

I’ve not know Christmas to not be sweltering hot. This Christmas will be different.


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