Day 213 Why Has The Snow Melted?

It rained a bit over the weekend and the temperatures have been above zero so most of the snow and ice has melted.  Within two days the streets look normal again.  This morning I was stinking hot wearing my down jacket on the subway and had to wriggle out of it.  Thighs were only slightly sore yesterday, after skiing on Saturday, and resolved quickly after half an hour in the hot tub downstairs.  Appointments were over-booked at work today so there was constantly a steady pile of scans to be reported, but we managed to get them done by 16:30.  Had I realised that there were no rounds tonight I would’ve bolted home instead of tidying up my inbox and case logs.

There’s been a flurry of emails between fellow ski club members organising picnic food for a day trip this Saturday, which I petulantly deleted because my week on call starts Friday evening – 7 days of evening shifts noon – 22:00 with overnight second on call.  I hope I don’t get too run down or exhausted (still coughing from last week’s head cold) and can make it out next weekend.

Dan has been busy planning the next few months’  travels.  He wants to drive from Vancouver to Calgary in April.  He asks my opinion but all I know is that they are both somewhere West and you can buy cowboy boots in Calgary.  It’s only January but we have our travels plans mostly pencilled in for the whole year already.

There have been bush fires back home in WA.  I tried calling Mum all evening last night but their number was engaged.  Hopefully she was just gas-bagging on the phone all morning and the house is OK.  I dreaded my phone ringing overnight to hear that one of the “homes lost” was family.

I hope it snows again soon because now it’s just like Perth winter: wet and cloudy and miserable.  Dan has been staying inside most days and jumps at me like a puppy dog when I get home.  Unlike a real dog he cleans the house and cooks dinner.  Tonight we’re having roast veggies and some pan-fried chicken.  I’m starving, having suffered through another salad for lunch today.  Went to the gym at 06:00 this morning too so was utterly morose by the afternoon.  Tim Hortons sell chocolate coated donuts.  I really want one. I’m going to make pancakes with cut banana and condensed milk on top instead.  According to the label it’s a magic ingredient.

Condensed milk: it's a magic ingredient.

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