Day 216 For The Greater Good

I called in sick today.  This was really difficult for me.  When I left Australia I had 247.17 hours of sick leave owing.  That’s 6.5 weeks.  If only I’d needed hip replacement surgery and postoperative rehabilitation.  Somehow I’ve developed the belief that unless I’m actually in a coma I should show up for work.  Maybe it’s the years of working in dance/theatre; the show must go on.  I forget it’s not normal to spend 5 minutes rinsing out one’s sinuses with saline over the kitchen sink, or to wade through small piles of tissues on the floor to get out of bed. Today I was coughing and sneezing and potentially infectious.  It’s hypocritical for me to glare at others at work sniffling and spreading germs if I go to work myself.  I would have to quarantine myself and call in sick.  I didn’t even know who to call.  As it turns out the hospital didn’t crash and burn without me.  Toronto did not come to a stop.  The police did not knock on my door.  There were no extreme weather warnings, only a few flurries.  I went back to bed, slept until the afternoon and Dan got a lot of stuff done.  He’s still tapping away at his computer.

This afternoon, rugged up on our daybed, I finished the online Fetal Medicine Foundation 11-13 Week Scan Course.  It had a lot of detail which adds shading to the black and white structure of what I already knew.  The MCQs where tough: you not only had to determine whether the image was diagnostic of what the question stated (trick images) but then remember esoteric percentages from individual graphs.  Next I’ll have to accumulate some good images of NT/NB/DV waveforms to send in for certification.  I like certificates.

I read a few articles on fetal abdominal cystic lesions and summarised them in a new Powerpoint presentation, to add to my bank of fellowship exam notes on PPT.  Weirdly in the midst of that a Radiographics Table of Contents email popped up, which included a nice Comprehensive Imaging Review of Abnormalities of the Umbilical Cord.  So I read that too.  Somehow I managed to not get around to reading the one article I was meant to read, for rounds next Monday.

This week we’ve been watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey which, when downloaded from iTunes in Canada, comes with a stupid PBS advert that sounds like the introduction to Monsterpiece Theater.  This results in Daniel quoting Waiting For Elmo.  He does a good Alistair Cookie impression.





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