Day 218 A Long Day

It’s my cousin Kevin’s birthday today.  He’s three months older than me.  Since we were kids there’s always been that three month interval where his age is “older” than mine.  I made the mistake of saying, “You’re older than me again,” on his birthday once and it’s become a family joke, as technically Kevin has always been and will always be older.  

This morning I really wanted to sleep in, having started my week of evening shifts and on-call last night.  That was not to be as Dan woke up in the dark to jump into ski pants, and fsk-fsk back and forth across the unit, banging cupboards and getting ready for a brilliant day of skiing (perfect weather, fresh snow, sunshine and not too cold) while I was imprisoned at work reporting an endless stream of abdominal CT scans, a few ultrasounds and plain films thrown in.  I was only a little jealous because I had the whole apartment to myself all morning and, because I suddenly felt better, tidied everything, did dishes and washing, went to the gym and made the bed.  

The ten hours at work passed quickly as there was a steady flow of cases to report.  We had a good team; a sonographer that scans trying to answer a diagnostic question makes my job so much easier, a few on-the-ball residents across the hospitals picked up good urgent findings and called through, and my staff bought me an afternoon coffee.  I took some of Dan’s lamingtons and shared them but Ur and Anna-Maria would only eat half of one each.  I politely finished the rest off myself.  I ate my salad for dinner so needed something worth eating.

I walked home from the hospital as it was cold but not freezing.  It was warm enough to take off my beanie and unzip my down jacket.  Large snowflakes, 10 mm diameter, began to fall heavily; it was like being inside a snow globe. I might have looked strange shuffling up the street waving my arms at the snow with my mouth open trying to eat the snowflakes.  It’s Saturday night though so maybe I’d pass for a drunkard.  



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