Day 223 It’s Bloody Freezing

It’s bloody freezing outside now.  I walked between hospitals today with my jacket unzipped and my right nipple got frost burn neuropathic pain for hours.  My left nipple must be denervated from its piercing in my teens.  Went in to observe today’s fetal MRI cases – it’s so exciting to be part of MR imaging where each sequence needs radiologist input, rather than a cookie cutter protocol remote to our reporting station.  It is like watching a riveting sports game, the fetus is always moving right when you need it to be still.  When the images finally come through yielding diagnostic information you want to jump and cheer and high-five the technologist.

On call tonight was busy again.  Ur is sick, which I hope isn’t my cold from the weekend – I had religiously wiped down my computer surfaces and the telephone handle on the weekend.  Again there was a rush of cases between 21:00 and 22:00 so, I left closer to 23:00 again.  No fire alarms tonight.

Dan has been home sick in bed for a few days.  Yesterday our neighbour, Pete, made him chicken soup and brought it up.  Today I made chicken soup before racing to work, having almost completely forgot about monthly Breast Fellow rounds.

Almost finished the fourth book of The Death Gate Cycle.  It’s finally getting exciting.


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