Day 225 Blowing Snow

I don’t remember when I last had a weekend day where I could sleep in if I wanted, and we didn’t have anything planned during the day.  Instead of feeling cheated of the potential to do whatever I wanted (which is odd because if we’d made plans it would’ve been because we’d wanted to) I felt the enormous responsibility of not wasting valuable precious free time.  I think I’d rather have had some commitment to uphold.  Pauline crashed on our couch last night so I tidied the kitchen and cooked us all breakfast.  Pauline sat on Boris, the elephant.  Snow is blowing around outside, in all directions as the wind climbs into the air or batters down against the road or buildings.  Glad we don’t have to leave the house until tonight.

Making use of the elephant in the room.

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Yesterday I got to spend the day scanning, and we had a few complicated cases so it was good to have time to re-scan them.  After my week of on call I forgot to take lunch on returning to a day shift so had to take the elevator down to the concourse and buy lunch.  I got noodles and 3 selections at the Chinese place under the Hydro building.  They don’t accept credit cards, only debit or cash.  I had neither.  Embarrassed I had to leave the front of the long queue, go back upstairs, borrow cash from a sonographer (thankfully Isabella handed me a twenty, no questions asked) and rush back.  In the afternoon, while checking the reference text book, Diagnostic Ultrasound by Rumack et al, I scanned the list of authors and realised half of them work in Toronto.  I had to stop myself from buying my own copy on Amazon so that I could get each chapter signed by its author.  It made me feel awkward when only the day before I was questioning a management recommendation/arguing a different management with the author of the chapter of that system.

Day 224 braving the negative degrees wind chill

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Dan has spent the weekend wallowing in bed (I secretly wished I’d had the luxury to have convalesced at home in the same fashion rather than have been on call all week) so I dragged him out of the house last night, just to walk across Bloor St to buy groceries. We bumped into Pete & Royden, who were walking to Yonge to get dinner at Ginger, my new favourite cheap and cheerful Asian food place nearby.  The wind was bitterly cold, but only half as bad as when I left work.  Everybody is crying about the cold, the U.S. wailing about some Polar Vortex.  With my jacket, beanie and gloves on I was actually warm.  Sure I couldn’t stand outside indefinitely but neither would I stand in the direct summer sun back home in Australia.  I remembered to take a daily selfie for my 750-photo-Big-Move-To-Canada album.  We were happy.  I still am.  Life is fun.



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