Day 229 Technically Correct is the Best Type of Correct

Yesterday I presented a case for staff review and gave my diagnosis of a cavum velum interpositum.  “That doesn’t exist,” was the quick response I got.  Horrified, I corrected my Latin and stammered, “Uh… cavum veli interpositi.”  It took me a month to learn that the CSF-filled space between the two septa pellucida, or each septum pellucidum, anteriorly between the frontal horns of the lateral ventricles identified at routine antenatal anatomy scans was correctly called the cavum septi pellucidi and not the cavum septum pellucidum (as the entire world incorrectly spells it).

My relief was short-lived as the posterior CSF-filled space looked continuous with the anterior CSP and was therefore probably a cavum vergae and not a cavum veli interpositi at all.  Argh!

All are incorrectly spelled across published medical literature.  Even a 2011 review article mixes spelling up and gets posteroanterior and anteroposterior mixed up.  I think the best solution is to watch more TV.  Even Wikipedia can’t spell check.  The page for cavum septi pellucidi redirects to a cavum septum pellucidum page!  I will now spell several things wrongly for having pointed out  somebody else’s mistake.

Woo hoo for Wikipedia!

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