Day 245 Valentine’s Day 2014

We woke at 06:00.  This morning I did shoulders at the gym; Dan did biceps and triceps.  I raced in to work, as there was an MRI-guided breast biopsy booked at 08:00.  Usually everybody is a bit stressed (the patient thinks she has cancer, the techs don’t want the list to run behind, I worry about everything that could go wrong – a lot) but today as I was on my academic day and didn’t have to get back to reading/workup I was relaxed.  One of the radiographers I met for the first time and afterwards she happily exclaimed, “It was so nice to meet you; you’re so easy going.”  Well, that’s a first!  Yup, Dan gave me a look of disbelief when I told him.

I read my book on the train back home.  Up to the sixth book of the Death Gate Cycle.  I dropped into Longos on the walk home and bought a turkey roast for lunch.  It took all day but I inched my way through 4 more modules of the online educational module on responsible ethical research.  I also worked more on some data analysis on an abdo project.  In between I did a load of washing, the dishes, vacuumed the floor, watered the plants, packed for tomorrow’s ski day trip and re-made the day bed.  Dan rang his grandmother and had a good chat.  This week I’ve Skyped with my Mum, Monika and Eva, and Dan’s Dad rang him.  It’s been bittersweet; hearing from home brings joy but leaves a sting of sadness.  We can’t hug any of our family and friends on other continents.  Not today.

This evening we ate dinner with Pete and Royden and watched Mean Girls.  We had planned to watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding but it wasn’t available anywhere!  Netflix, iTunes, Rogers on Demand… Dan is most excited that the new season of House of Cards was released today.  It certainly is an engaging series.

Valentine's Day 2014 - snow continues in Toronto.
Valentine’s Day 2014 – snow continues in Toronto.

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