Day 255 Mum, It’s Broken

I spent the last 7 days poking my sore rib, where I landed on my Ventolin after a glorious stack skiing down a blue run, and remarking, “I think it might be broken!”  Daniel did not share my enthusiasm for my clinical skills (it hurt with both direct palpation and indirect palpation, along the line of the rib) or my enthusiasm for possibly haven broken my rib.  He just wanted me to shut up.  So today, in between breast patients I checked my rib with the ultrasound – the volunteer just walked right into the room and propped open the door despite me standing there with my shirt unbuttoned.  I was super impressed that not only was there cortical discontinuity but a little step and a little haematoma.  No wonder the chin-ups this morning hurt so much.  And when everybody kept poking it on Saturday night.  Disappointingly though half of my shapely pectoralis is subcutaneous fat!

My first broken rib from skiing.
My first broken rib from skiing.

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