Day 256 Dan’s Birthday

Today is Dan’s 31st.  We woke up early and went to the gym.  I went to work and Dan worked from home.  Today I got my final RANZCR paperwork completed; you have to get two fellows to sign the form, like joining a club.  Thankfully there are three other Aussies in Abdo in Toronto and two were at work today.  It’s all scanned and emailed to the college now.

I got home this afternoon and checked the mail.  The present I’d ordered online a few weeks ago arrived, perfect timing.  A company prints Instagram pictures to magnets. I chose 9 photos from our last 7 months of travels.  Toronto, Ottawa, Iceland, Chicago… For dinner we had booked a table at Canoe, a fancy pants restaurant downtown on the 54th floor of the Toronto Dominion tower. It has an amazing view.  Looking out we saw the CN tower lit up in Pride rainbow colours (somehow this was in support of LGBT in Russia).

The restaurant is beautifully done up.  Our jackets were taken at the reception.  We ordered cocktails, because we could.  There was an appetiser tray of assorted seafood items that we chose to start with.  It was good.  Unlike the themes of foraged food and Alinea last year it wasn’t on a  piece of seaweed covered drift would served in a lobster claw, just a ceramic plate with a bed of seaweed.  Dan ordered a fish main and I had some beef dish, that had a good volume of meat.  I tried not to laugh when the server described my dish, pointing with a pinky finger at the “rapini done two ways”.  Is two ways a good thing?  Would three ways have been too much?  We had room for dessert so I tried the sticky toffee pudding and Dan had the “flight” of four cheeses.  Not sure about the choice of collective noun.

We wandered back through the Path underground system to the subway.  There’s so much of Toronto we haven’t seen.  Made it home in time to watch more House of Cards.  A good night.


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  1. The pretentious nouveau vocabulary that is used with food these days is hilariously parodied in TV shows like “Audrey’s Kitchen,” in which Audrey bids her viewer “flummox the eggs vigorously” or “entwine the vegetables with rapture.” Another series (both are British, btw), “Posh Nosh,” likewise guyed the pretentious, inflated and often highly metaphoric terminology.

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