Day 262 Reverse Spring

We had dinner upstairs last night with Bec and Alastair.  They cooked a delicious organic roast chicken with vegetables and a home baked apple pie for dessert.  I began to fall asleep at ten so we came home soon after.  Today I got up early, went to the gym (chest today, only a few things as my 2-week old fractured rib still hurts) and went to work.  It’s a new month so I’ve gone next door again, this time one hospital North.  It was a busy day, but got a lot done, mostly procedural.  Fellow rounds tonight were a load of interesting abdo cases from Violette, on of the other Aussie fellows.  Got home late, it is getting colder each day this week.  Dan cooked our new staple – chicken meatball and coriander soup.  I have a voicemail on my cell phone but can’t access it.  I created such a good passcode when I set it up that I can’t remember or even make it up.  After three failed attempts it just hangs up on me, but the phone still taunts me with a “1 message” alert.


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