Day 270 The Snow Is Melting

Today the sun shone, the temperature was above zero and the snow on the streets was melting.  Birds were chirping in the trees.  I’d be excited if I hadn’t heard the forecast for MORE SNOW later this week.  I finished work on time today, having signed off all yesterday’s reports (I was reporting until 6 last night, it was so busy yesterday).  Dan cooked a healthy chicken and steamed broccoli for dinner and we caught the train down to the Yonge/Dundas Cineplex to watch The Lego Movie.  It was a spur-of-the-moment idea last night, realising today was cheap movie night.  I hadn’t even watched the trailer; I just knew there was a film with Lego characters.  Tim & Vaughan and Adam joined us.  Rob had already seen it.  It was a children’s film, and the cinema was packed with children.  It was light-hearted though and there were plenty of silly jokes for the adults in the audience.  Afterwards we grabbed burgers downstairs on Dundas St, something I regretted immediately after I finished mine.




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