Day 271 I Must Be a Logician

This just popped up on my Facebook feed.   Joke 8 reads: A logician’s wife is having a baby.  The doctor immediately hands the newborn to the Dad.  His wife asks impatiently, “So, is it a boy or a girl?” The logician replies, “Yes.”

Daniel has laughed at me all weekend because when we arrived in Canada and a server asked me if “[I] want milk or cream [with my coffee]?” I replied, “Yes.”  I did want either milk or cream.  Thank you.  I accidentally said it again last week.

It snowed a lot today.  The streets are white.  I had a meeting today with a friendly statistician  for the Abdo project I’m working on; we have an educational poster for ESGAR due and, like everybody else, have just realised it’s 4 weeks until RSNA abstracts are due.  In the afternoon I had a meeting with the Breast Research Fellow that I’ve been working with, without actually having met.  I somehow got involved in another new Abdo project this week too.  And I drafted a Powerpoint for rounds next week.  My academic day’s work has lasted longer than my clinical day.

We’ve been working our way through the Harry Potter films, because I like Maggie Smith and we ran out of Downton Abbey.  It’s been four weeks since we started our new gym workout routine (less weights slow reps) and I’ve managed to almost go every week day.  I can almost see one of my abs again.

Another beautiful spring day.

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