Day 275 Spring: Sunshine at Minus Ten

This morning we did the usual household chores.  I almost finished my Powerpoint for Thursday’s Breast Fellow Rounds on Radiologic-Pathologic Concordance.  The topic makes me want to fall asleep, let alone talk for 45 minutes.  We had put into our planner today to catch the subway down to King Station and find The Design Exchange, a museum of design, to see an exhibition we’ve seen advertised on buses called This Is Not A Toy.  We messaged our neighbours, Bec & Alastair, as well as Pete & Royden, to see if they wanted to join us.  The sun was shining brightly outside and most of the snow we can see from our apartment has melted.  Spring has begun.  Bec & Alastair met us downstairs, after they’d finished their weekly grocery shopping at Loblaws.  We walked outside. It was negative 10 degrees Celcius, before wind chill.  I had just shaved my face.  It was a painful cold burn.  Thankfully the subway ride was quick and we found the exchange building without trouble (or too heated an argument about directions).

The exhibition was small, and housed toys of a similar design, most made from vinyl.  I had hoped to see a wider range of materials and quickly got bored.  I was more interested in the elephant sculpture across the road next to the Deloitte building.  I was excited in the gift shop to see Barbapapa merchandise.  I had no idea what they were but was haunted by the characters; I’d seen them before.  They must have been on television or in a book I read when I was a child.

Tembo, Mother of Elephants. Derrick Stephan Hudson. Bronze 2002.
Tembo, Mother of Elephants. Derrick Stephan Hudson. Bronze 2002.

The elephant sculpture leads towards a fountain, which is empty.  It is surrounded by grey-brown dirty snow banks which at first I thought were part of the bronze sculpture.  I like finding new urban sculptures in cities, especially after having lived here several months.  There’s so much still left to see.

Walking North up Broadview Ave in the sunshine and freezing cold.
Walking North up Broadview Ave in the sunshine and freezing cold.

We collectively made a decision to have a coffee, but didn’t know of anything nearby so we walked North up Bay St to Queen, walked East along Queen to Yonge St and caught a tram across the Don Valley Parkway to Broadview.  We walked North up Broadview Ave to the Rooster Coffee House.  They do a flat white as well as latté and espresso.  The seats inside were full of trendy types on laptops.  We sat outside, in the sunshine and bone chilling freezing breeze.  I ate a chocolate croissant.  It was a pleasant walk and relaxing afternoon.  Bec, Dan and Alastair had launched into earnest conversation about Australian politics, after yesterday’s nationwide rallies protesting Prime Minister Abbott.  I took photos of the sunshine-lit buildings.  The sunshine and chirping birds look and sound like spring but the bone-chilling wind and below-freezing temperature is not what I’d expected.

The Rooster Coffee House does a flat white.
The Rooster Coffee House does a flat white.

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