Day 278 Rain

Work has been busy this week, but enjoyable.  Yesterday I got a lot done on my academic day, as well as a hair cut and a draft wedding ceremony.  Daniel laughed at me because I numbered the headers and sub headers (1. Welcome, 2. Procession 2.1 Please observe as our grooms make an entrance…).  Aunty Gaye has thankfully accepted our request to officiate and has been emailing a variety of sample ceremony scripts.  She had already drafted something, before we’d even asked.  Mum must have told her.  We aren’t too keen on the symbolism-heavy wistful descriptions of love, worthy of Hallmark cards in pink, that are ubiquitous but find resonance with text that elegantly describes a public acknowledgement and celebration of our relationship, pays respect to the support of our family and friends, and demonstrates a simple joining ritual like exchanging rings.

Last night Dan unpacked my set of Dominion cards and laid out a game on the kitchen table.  I had been working on my laptop on work stuff all afternoon (mostly my ESGAR poster and registering for the conference and looking up accommodation and flights).  We played a quick game, which reminded me of playing with Mikey and Bec.  You have to choose your strategy early and stick to it.  I knew I’d already lost the game when I was still battling with accumulating treasure cards to pay for victory cards and Dan had already started purchasing victory cards.  Dan won.  He gloated only a little, as is his joyous pastime.

Dan always has to count out even when I know he's won. #dominion

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I was chatting to Bec on the bus to skiing on Saturday and discovered that Canada has tax accountants, like in Australia, who it is wise to get to file a tax return.  All the Oncology Fellows were being seen by a guy that had come into the hospital to sort out their tax returns.  That explains what this “T4” form was I got in my pigeon hole.  I emailed the guy Sunday and, by 11:00 today we had emailed back and forth all required details, attached PDF copies of everything and now he’s lodging a tax return.  Apparently we have a lot of tax taken out of our pay and I might get a return.  It will help pay for the waffle station at our wedding.  And half the wedding, hopefully.

Today it rained.  It was above zero degrees and the birds have been chirping in the trees all week so I’m officially calling it spring.  The platform at Queens Park was full, as were the trains, after work so I decided to walk home, after failing to board two trains.  People appear from behind and squeeze themselves in, even though I’d been waiting at the platform first.  I got so wet, and you aren’t meant to get a goose down jacket wet, that I caught the train from Wellesley to Bloor.  I got even more wet walking home but I didn’t care.  It was 4 degrees Celcius.  It was warm.  Summer is coming.

Dan cooked chicken meatballs in bok choy soup.  We watched Doc Martin on Netflix.  Dishes are in the washer.  We’re going to catch up with Pete & Royden in the hot tub (boy did we need that on Sunday after Saturday’s skiing).


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