Checking out the sugar bush…and it wasn’t what I was expecting

Why do all our travel photos have me trying to photobomb everything?

Two Travelling Aussies

We packed a lot into Sunday. A last minute change of plans saw us heading out with Bec, Alastair, Shane and Claire to check out a sugar bush. For those not in the know, the sugar bush is a grove of maple trees that are being tapped for their sap.

Shane drove us about an hour west to the Mountsberg Conservation Area where there were a goodly number of people also coming to check out this Canadian phenomenon. Other fellows arrived soon after we got there, and then we trekked out to the maples.

It wasn’t what I was expecting.

I thought that maple syrup came straight out of the trees. You put a tap in it, puncture the bark, and out runs sweet, sweet maple syrup.

Not so.

Instead the taps collect sap (also known as sugar water), which is about 97% water and only 3% sugar, and the…

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