Day 289 Home Alone

Dan’s on a train somewhere between Toronto and Vancouver on his cross-Canada adventure.  I woke up alone, and cold, without Dan to stop me from falling out of his side of the bed as I inched across in search of something warm to cuddle.  I tried to sleep in but was unsuccessful as today there is sunshine. Not only that, although the weather app on my iPhone says it’s 2 degrees Celcius, it’s actually warm enough outside for me to have the window and balcony door open, without quickly freezing to death.

As I had no Daniel to distract me, I’ve cleaned the entire apartment.  The floor is vacuumed.  My carry-on bag for my flight next Saturday to Vancouver, packed.  Dishes done, laundry in washer, benches wiped and I even folded the clothes in the cupboard.  I even went to the gym and spent fifteen minutes doing interval cardio on the cross trainer.  That was after chatting to Bec for about 10 minutes about the films we’d seen at the cinema recently.

I’ve almost finished The Magpie Lord, which I started reading, at the same time as Anna Karenina.  I got very confused on the train when I mixed them up, as they both begin about a man and his manservant.  Except one is Russian and the other is English with supernatural characters.  In my mind they were the one story: man cheats on wife, household is in disarray, then almost dies because of a magical curse and has to call on the services of a shaman.


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