Day 293 Matchsticks

I struggled to get up this morning.  There’s something going around that is draining everybody’s stamina and it’s not the RSNA abstract deadline next week.  I had a lot to do today and several cups of coffee didn’t make me feel more awake but they did make me agitated.  Sleepy and agitated.  I sliced my dominant thumb on the carabiner on a weights machine at the gym and spent all day realising how much I use my thumb.  After work we revived Thursday Fellows Dinner and went to a nearby tavern. We ate.  We whined about the never ending winter (it was bloody freezing today and I wished I hadn’t swapped my down jacket for a flimsy wind breaker and left my beanie at home).  We discussed post-fellowship plans and how lovely Melbourne is.  One more day at work and I have a week’s holiday.  I need it.


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