Day 294 Try to Relax

Today I had the responsibility to insert the MRI endorectal coil for a prostate MRI examination.  At first glance thing looked huge and rectangular. Not something I’d be keen to insert into my rectum.  I hoped the patient hadn’t caught site of it before curling up on the scanner table in a fetal position.  The plastic orange bit is actually soft and collapses, like a thick rubber balloon, so it ends up only two fingers thick at most – much smaller than an adult male poo.  I doubt I’d be able to relax while lying sideways next to a 3 Tesla magnet without any underpants on while a tired-looking doctor is snapping on blue latex-free gloves and suggesting, “Try to relax.”  I can see why the protocol has moved towards “No endorectal coil”.  It hasn’t been popular.

The 2nd MRI fellow called in sick today and there was no resident, so it was just me and staff. My eyes teared up with frustration trying to flick through the MRI protocols book for each online protocol, and there was a whole page to get through.  Somehow though, despite constant interruptions to report ultrasound examinations or “check” monitored cases (decide which plane to perform initial post contrast images in, then which plane/s for delayed images) I reported my quota of cases, got a bit of teaching (what I thought were the margins of the prostate was just a hypertrophied transitional zone) and even took a short walk to get a coffee.

None of the RSNA abstracts I’ve been working on are submitted.  The deadline isn’t until next week but I’d been hoping not to have to work on them remotely while on holiday in Vancouver/Whistler/Lake Louise this week.  I’ll be on holiday but not on holiday.

I spent all week looking forward to having dinner with Pete & Royden tonight, as Pete was going to cook his delicious pulled pork roast.  He messaged me earlier in the day to say it was going in the oven.  I got home at 6, walking through light drizzle, to Pete furiously SMS messaging, “I set the temperature and forgot to turn the fucking oven on!!! Meat has been there all day!!!”.  We went to Ginger for dinner.

Checked in for my Air Canada flight to Vancouver tomorrow, and realised it’s at 8 am, which means it boards by 07:30, I should aim to arrive by 07:00 so need to catch the train at 06:00.  Ugh.  Early night for me tonight.


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