Day 308 Good Friday 2014

I don’t know how we ended up grocery shopping in downtown Toronto on a public holiday but we did, along with everybody else in a 5 block radius.  It was not pleasant.  At least it wasn’t as busy as Family Day where the store got so full they closed the doors three times until customers cleared.  Thursday night Dan had experimented cooking hot cross buns with wholemeal flour and making twice the volume of dough, in the Thermomix.  It didn’t mix properly so I ate a very deliciously smelling partly chewy-partly chocolate flavoured brown dough rock.  I tried to pretend to like it but thankfully Dan’s fruit ones tasted equally delicious.  I spent the morning working on my ESGAR poster (Dan helped me to annotate my images) then had coffee with Tim & Vaughan before we all braved Loblaws to by food to roast for dinner, which we did. I bought Hunger Games: Catching Fire on iTunes and Vaughan and I proceeded to annoy Tim by unthinkingly commenting loudly on all the unbelievable things.  We watched the pilot of episode of an hilarious cartoon, Archer, afterwards.


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