Day 311 Easter Monday in Toronto

We slept in.  We went to the gym.  I bought groceries (hooray the shops are open again) and cooked breakfast.  Dan sat down to an afternoon of work for his online business, his planner program ticking away (it plays a metronome sound constantly).  I caught the subway into the hospital and reported for another 2-hour block.  On the train I read more of my next e-book, Wicked Gentlemen, and was so absorbed on the return journey I missed the stop to get off to buy more coffee pods.  Dan proof-read my ESGAR poster submission and annoyingly/thankfully picked up a handful of inconsistencies.  It’s my birthday tomorrow and we’ll be moving apartment after work.  I think I’ll think about potentially packing this evening.  Right after I finish touching up the dents in the plaster work we’ve accumulated over the past 10 months.  I ate my Smarties Easter egg.  Last time I had one of those Mum took it from me (another not actually traumatic childhood memory) to decorate my birthday cake.  It’s definitely spring; plants are all in bud along the streets.  All the snow has melted.  I’ve already forgot what winter was like as I can feel the promise of summer warmth in the air.


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