Day 314 Montreal

I’ve registered for a conference this weekend: CAR 77th Annual Scientific Meeting 2014.  It’s in Montreal.  Dan’s tagging along.  We’ve booked a very civilised lunchtime flight, which has been delayed, from downtown. We tidied up the new apartment, put the bins on the balcony (the garbage chute thing was out of order again) and did a load of dishes.  We’re sitting the Porter lounge now, munching on the free salted almonds and choc-chip cookies and catching up on two days of no Internet at home.  I think Dan is excited for another weekend away.  I just wish I’d managed to sleep last night.  I’ve got 2.5 days of conference to stay awake through.  Plus evening social activities.

Canada is very weird; they still use cheques.  I filed a tax return and received a refund cheque in the mail.  I almost threw it out because it looked like one of those Reader’s Digest advertising things Mum used to get weekly in the mail and I would religiously post for her (she was so lucky; every time she’d made it through to the final draw in competitions she had never remembered entering in the first place – she never actually won though).  Our bank took several hits last week, paying off our recent travel expenses to BC and Alberta, then the cost of moving apartments: key deposit and first and last months’ rent.  We have to pay for half of the wedding reception by the end of the month too.  Dan looks at our shared bank account from his point of view of any money = go shopping!  I look at it from a different point of view: every time the balance falls below the buffer limit (money I drew out of my Australian savings and deposited for emergencies) it’s like watching monitors in ICU when the BP drops below critical.  Red alarms flash and I prepare to charge the defibrillator.


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