Days 319 & 320

Work has been taxing but today was full of laughs.  This began when I discretely farted in the MRI reporting room but then had to explain the mysterious smell that appeared.  I died of embarrassment.  After work I walked down to MEC to buy some amphibious sneakers for our Galapagos trip next weekend.  Dan suddenly needed new pants as well.  As we were near Rob & Adam we rang to see if they were free for dinner, they were, so we walked around to Spadina to Jules Bistro and had a delicious meal.  It was a rare event that I didn’t have food envy of Daniel’s order; my chicken with mushroom and bacon and creamy sauce was heaps better than his boring chicken with bits on it.

Tonight we had tickets to see The Last Confession at the Royal Alexander Theatre.  It stars Suchet, from Poirot.  I’m glad I skim-read the program before the play began; I have no idea how the Catholic Church is structured and why some people were dressed in red dresses and others in black.  The set was really good and the acting was too, so that made up for a 2-hour play about a bunch of Popes.  The theatre seats are closely rowed and I gritted my teeth as the man behind me kept kneeing the back of my chair.  I rested my head on Dan’s shoulder at one point and realised it was also on the man’s knee behind.  It was a late train ride back home, crammed in with people from the Raptors game and other events.

It’s been raining and cold.  I packed my down jacket in the cupboard, in the mistaken belief that spring meant warmer weather.  It’s not warmer, just wetter.  I shivered as we briskly walked through the drizzle, as cold wind blew right through my aponeurotic rain jacket.  It’s hard to remember to pack shorts for our flight to Ecuador next Saturday.  I’ve forgot what sunlight and warmth feels like.  It’s in the past.


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