Day 326 Tuesday Cheap Movie Ticket Date Night

Work yesterday and today was draining.  As I emerged from the hospital I called Daniel and declared that we should get out of the house tonight and go to the movies.  Especially because it’s cheap ticket night.  Anna joined us.  We saw the new Johnny Depp film, Transendence.  It didn’t quite hit the mark for me, mainly because of its endless stream of pseudoscience and clichéd phrases.  For instance you can stop any computer program if only you know the “Source Code” and create a “Virus”.  We stuffed our faces with the giant “regular” sized popcorn.  Afterwards we bumped into Richard, who curiously expressed envy at our constant travels, even though he travels far more frequently and further than we will ever do.  It hit me last night, as I Googled Galapagos to prepare for next week’s whirlwind holiday: I’ve never been to South America and this Saturday we fly to Ecuador!  Scary but thrilling.  Dan has already packed.  I’ll wait until Friday night.


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