Galápagos Day 7

We just had lunch across the road at Isla Grill. Grilled chicken breast with mushroom sauce , broccoli and asparagus. Same as last week. It’s about 32° outside, with humidity feeling more like 35° C. There are kids splashing and shouting in the hotel pool outside. We are cocooned in our room, in air-conditioned bliss. I don’t want to leave.

We already walked up to the Charles Darwin Research Centre this morning, and Dan snorkelled briefly at a small beach on the walk back. I read my ebook (Something Like Autumn – the third in the Jay Bell series). Dan left his shorts at the beach, only realizing when we went to get lunch. Relationship gold. He has an uncanny ability to remember every time I mess up as evidence to support some ridiculous notion, such as maybe he has a better sense of direction than I do. At least I can find North by the position of the sun and read a map. I danced around the hotel room, arms waving in the air, Dan forgot his pants!

I decided that my plan for today was to read another book while supine on our hotel bed. We paid for a nice room, I may as well indulge in experiencing it. By contrast Dan has massive FOMO. We haven’t yet driven half an hour in midday sun to spend an hour walking around more cacti and look for more Galápagos tortoises… in a free roam environment. But do we need to? I don’t.

I’ve survived a week without checking my work email, supported by the super slow wifi in the archipelago. The holiday has begun to slip away, like the waves I watched crossing the boat’s wake yesterday. We start our flights home tomorrow.



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