Day 342 National Theatre Live

Exhausted. Did back at gym yesterday before work, bumping into Royden and Bec at the gym. Work was busy. In the evening we had Indian buffet for dinner on Church St with Mon & C. Leo slept in a pram. Jan enjoyed eating rice and drinking mango lassie.

This morning was chest at the gym. I again only had five hours sleep; we went to bed late. I’d tidied up another abstract for a breast project and, because Pavel was also awake and working on it and replied to work emails at 23:00. I submitted it last night. After falling asleep I woke up, wondering if I’d clicked “poster” instead of “oral presentation”.

This evening Anna and I didn’t leave work until 17:55. There were monitored MR cases until 17:45 and we were signing off our inpatient reports. It had been a horrendous day of repeated telephone interruptions and we were spent. We didn’t make it to Thursday rounds.

Tonight Dan booked tickets to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – National Theatre Live at Yonge-Dundas Cineplex. I loved the book and the stage adaption has really hit the spot so far. Each element has singer guess with others and it translates to filmed screening well. It’s interval now and we are trying to pry our eyelids open to make it through the second act.

Last night we bought a tent at Canadian Tire. Camping with this weekend at Wasaga Beach.


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