Day 343 TGIF

Today was a great day at work.  It makes a huge difference when the phone doesn’t ring every five minutes; I get time to concentrate and report at least one MRI.  I walked home from College Station, after four full trains came and went.  Train arrives.  Doors open. Train leaves.  Silence.  So I walked home.  The trees all sprouted leaves while we were away last week so it was beautiful.

Dan cooked salmon, with broccoli and mashed sweet potato for dinner.  I’m surprised he had time; he had so many house errands to do.  I don’t know how we managed to survive when we were both working full time.  Dan even packed for our one-night camping trip tomorrow with Mon & Christian.  There are two grocery bags full of food, the tent, blankets, a bag of clothes… We were going for one night.

Pete SMS messaged asking when we’d be free.  It’s been weeks since we’ve seen our downstairs neighbours.  In 5 min.  I need to walk down the street to buy pot plants.  We walked down Church St and bought potting mix and seedling.  Pete bought a small hibiscus tree.  A tree!  Our balconies are the same size.  I spent half an hour on the balcony in the warm spring smog getting covered in potting mix and potting basil, tomato and alyssum seedlings.  And a small flowering tree.  Balcony garden is back!

When we returned from our gardening shopping trip we found Royden at the security door downstairs – Pete had locked him out of their unit as Royden had taken his motorcycle for a ride without a house key.  Even though we’d had dinner I was hungry again so we went to Ginger on Yonge St and had second dinner.

Dan had me in stitches with this today:



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