Day 344 Spring Camping


Today we are camping at Wasaga Pines, a few hours North of Toronto. Mon & C have rented a campervan and we met them there.

Dan drove. We piled our supplies into our rental car and watched the green trees zoom past.


At the caravan park and campsite I was super pleased with our new tent: assembles in a minute. My memories, happy but faded, of being a Boy Scout and requiring a team perfectly timed to assemble a tent, ensuring the main beam was in place and rolling hitches not slipping… Now we just spread, lift & secure. We also brought an air mattress, blanket and actual pillows, rather than a stretcher and sleeping bags.


After we had settled in we drove down to the lakeside. Wasaga Beach boasts as some large freshwater beach. Coming from Australia where a beach is white sand, blue water and warm I was not blown away by the wet grey silt, freezing water and hoards of teenagers. We spread out our towels in a corner and enjoyed the sunshine anyway. Dan held Leo, who was grizzly with a head cold and only fell asleep when sideways, and Dan standing. Mon went for a run. C bought Jan a plastic set of shovels, truck and tortoise and starfish moulds.


I soon fell asleep, so joined Mon in the campervan for a brief nap, until it was time for Leo to feed.

In the evening we returned to the campsite, prepared dinner then played Scrabble.


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