Day 345

This morning Monika emerged from the camper van with a very energetic Jan and a wide-awake Leo not long after the sun rose.  The birds had already been chirping for hours.  I had shivered most of the night as it was a bit chilly and our flimsy blanket wasn’t enough for the cool spring weather.  Jan climbed into bed with us, carrying two books, his intent explicit.  He wanted the story about a red tractor.  Twice.  Plus a million others.  I got very excited that one of the books was the exact same text and illustration of one of my childhood favourites (I still have it in a box somewhere): Frog and Toad Are Friends.

Eventually I was left alone with Jan in the tent, still reading books.  Dan went and had breakfast.  My tummy was rumbling.  I declared mutiny and deserted Jan, to eat my Kellogs Variety Pack (they sneakily have replaced Coco Pops with Corn Pops – whatever they are).  Dan substituted in and read the tractor story again.

Mon was keen to go back to the beach.  I was keen to see Walmart – – so we went there, I bought a packet of nasturtium seeds, bandaids and some corn chips and salsa for morning tea.  There was no Starbucks or any sign of an espresso so I had to resort to Tim Horton’s.  It was like the teenagers in the Galleria Morley had transplanted and decided to eat breakfast in Ontario.  The place was crawling with loud chaos.  I took my medium double-double and ran back to the car.

We’d passed Skull Island Adventure Golf a few times in the last twenty-four hours and drove past it again.  I had been keen to go and so had Christian and Dan but Jan is only three and Leo can’t even sit unassisted.  So Dan and I went by ourselves, the only people there when we started.  It was the best mini golf I’ve ever experienced; well planned course, immaculate landscaping, clean and entertaining too.  I even won a free round on the last hole, as my ball somehow made it’s own way through the centre hole.

We spent a few hours in the shade at the beach again – this time away from the crowd.  Then Dan drove us home.  I have to do some work on one of my research projects and then we might join our downstairs neighbours to see the new X-Men movie.


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