Day 359 Glorious Sunday

Today I slept in.  We didn’t have anything planned for today (turns out we actually had “wedding planning” planned, which we’d both put in the calendar as a reminder, which I promptly forgot and then got in the dog-house for forgetting).  My right mid-thoracic knot that feels like a rib has subluxed felt much better than it had all-day yesterday, even after a one-hour massage (when the slender female masseuse remarked, “But I’ve just pummelled [my back]!” I suppressed a laugh at her definition of “pummel”).

I tidied the kitchen bench (the downside of Dan baking ANZAC biscuits and preparing such a delicious salad for yesterday’s BBQ is that I had to clean up). I slipped into my clogs and took my grocery bag across Bloor St and wandered about Longos, finding things I didn’t know I needed.  Like plums.  I cooked a delicious omelette for breakfast.  It was a relaxed morning.

We both set to work.  I had to finish checking the Excel file data for one of my research projects, and tidy up the 300-word abstract which is due Tuesday. Dan wanted to write 1500 words for his second book, which he’s already written but is re-writing because it “doesn’t work”.  I just want to know what Aurelia was up to, whether Olivier will get what’s coming, and to hear that Thierry maybe is happy for just a bit.  He’s written spoiler plot ideas all over the frosted glass sliding doors of his study/den.  I accidentally read one while getting milk out of the fridge.  Damn!

Spring 2014
Spring 2014

We worked on wedding planning in the afternoon (after I’d been to the gym, then had a nap).  Every time we look at it the list of things to do has multiplied.  We turned to Facebook to settle some troubling decisions: if we hyphenate our surnames, who’s sounds best first?  Should we bother with a cake?  It was far more entertaining for us to read our friends’ and family’s comments.  Especially when we pretend to bicker by creating ridiculous banter.  Dan seems to have overlooked, though, that everybody agrees that my surname first sounds slightly less ridiculous than following his.

Mon & C flew back to Germany Friday.  I was glad to have swapped my on call shifts Tue and Thur so I got to see them for dinner.  Going to miss Jani helping me take out the trash.  We still have Jani’s handprints on our balcony glass – he tried to help Mon and I clean the glass but somehow added handprints instead. Miss them already.

Dan subscribed us to HBO (so much for not having a TV or paying for cable while we’re in Canada) and we’ve watched the entire season of Looking this week, Dan watched all of Veep, and today we caught up with Game of Thrones.  I can finally check Facebook again, without spoilers.  We’re now watching the spectacle and weirdness of the Tony Awards.  Certainly made the most of our day at home!



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