Day 360 Monday

One thing I was looking forward to with two years living in Canada was to experience seasons.  In Perth, Western Australia, it’s either scorching hot summer or slightly cool and maybe raining winter.  Tissue boxes have pictures of autumnal leaves.  It’s so dry my plants struggle to grow even if it’s “spring”.  I think we missed spring in Toronto this year.  The trees outside had no leaves, we went to the Galápagos for a week and, when we returned, the trees had leaves.  Maybe spring is defined not by plants but by animals; the birds have been chirping in trees since just before the snow melted.  It reached mid-twenties today.  I sweated walking back from the subway after rounds, in my dress pants and long-sleeved shirt.  I wasn’t even wearing a tie.

Today I was in ultrasound all day and it was a busy day.  A Medical Student suddenly appeared next to me at some point during the morning and I spent the day trying to gauge what she wanted out of her day watching me work, what she knew (it’s pointless pointing out how cool a high-resistant arterial waveform in a renal transplant doppler is if you can’t even see the kidney), and what she wanted to get out of spending the week in ultrasound.  I struggled to wake up all day – skipping the gym this morning for another hour of sleep condemned me to a day of having never woken up.  Starbucks and Tim Hortons failed to help.  I only started to wake up tonight, after dinner and putting the dishes in the washer when I went down the elevator to the exercise room and got on the cross trainer.  After two minutes at 80 units of whatever it is measuring blood and oxygen seeped into my brain and I was conscious again.

I overdid it though.  World Pride Toronto 2014 is in three weeks so I did extra reps each set and now I can’t move my arms.

Good thing for today: Dan cooked chicken meatball soup for dinner (hooray! He finally stopped cooking chicken with broccoli and mashed sweet potato).

2nd good thing: we still have left over ANZAC biscuits from Anna’s BBQ.

This is how I felt today:


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