Day 366 Stuff Jetlag Rules. I’m Sleep-Deprived This Bed Beckons

We caught the subway and shuttle bus to the airport, cleared security at Toronto Pearson after traipsing back and forth lost for several minutes but made the gate with enough time for fried sushi and a greasy hamburger. For once it wasn’t me eating the hamburger.

The flight was long. I had the added luxury of a lumbar massage chair the entire flight, except when the little devil behind me had a nap and stopped kicking. We slept, thanks to sleeping pills donated last minute by our neighbours. We never saw blue ones before and, after we had taken them Dan wondered if we’d had Viagra by mistake because, “They’re blue! Right?” How should I know what colours Canada pharmaceuticals come in? That would have made an overnight flight even worse: awake and trying to cover priapism.

We landed in Zurich late. We found out way to our flight to Münich with ease; all airports are similar. Just get on a shuttle.

We weren’t so smooth catching the train from München to the city. Somehow it became an express at the East station and we ended up in the West of the city, passing right by the HBF.

We got to check in early (thanks Dave for employing Dan in the travel industry) and have thrown jet lag rules to the wind and going to bed. At lunchtime.






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