Day 369 ESGAR 2014

How not to build a conference hall: loud wooden floors.  Every late person’s footsteps echoed across the auditorium. Every person getting up to allow somebody past or to leave scraped their metal chair legs on the wooden floor.  It was noisy.

How to feel at home at a conference in a new country: catch up with all the WA delegates. I met Ravinder at morning tea, and we were soon joined by JF, JS and DR.  I had lunch with Long.  It was great.  I really began to miss working at home though, especially as I’ve got a second year in Canada lined up.

Dan spent the whole day traipsing about Salzburg, posting wonderful pictures on Instagram.  Thankfully a few of the presentations were worth the overseas flight and I learned a few things.

I have somehow grown up a little in the year abroad; today I sat with consultant radiologists from home, including one that in my first year I’d have been terrified to talk to, let alone chat about ski boots, hospital politics and my opinion on differential diagnoses.

I skipped the Welcome Reception and had dinner with Daniel at a great little place called My Indigo.  We had curry.  We then walked around the Mirabellgarten and even rolled down a steep hill.  I’m now slightly nauseated.

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