Day 380 World Pride

Yesterday was a blast.  It was so sunny it was actually warm, then hot.  Pauline and her friend from the Canadian Army dropped by our house for drinks before we walked down the road, first for sushi where Anna joined us, then to watch the parade.  Not all the parade – it went for hours.  After half an hour we walked Anna home and walked back up Church St to our place to shower and relax in the air conditioning.  Looking over the balcony we discovered that we hadn’t needed to go outside at all; we could see the floats lining up on Bloor St waiting to parade down Yonge St.  Nathan joined us for more drinks and we waited a few hours for the sun to start to set.  We went back down to Church St and bar-hopped: Byzantium (Nathan said hi to friends), Greenspace (they have tokens for drinks this year), Greenspace at Ryerson… By the time we got to Ryerson the humidity peaked and it rained.  There were a lot of shirtless muscled guys dancing in the rain which sounds great, but to experience it you had to be wet and slightly cold too.  Thankfully the shower didn’t last long, a double rainbow appeared, it got warm again and everybody kept dancing. We lasted until 21:30 before my legs had enough, Kevin (he joined us along the way somewhere) got allergic to something and we walked back up Church and went to bed.  What a city!


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