Jaws: 39 Years Later and Still Good.

After my nap tonight I started planning my coming week; to avoid having to cook dinner myself I’m making plans to go out every night.  I messaged Pete & Royden, to see if they were in.  They were out, riding on Royden’s new bike.  I walked down to Ginger on Yonge St and read my new ebook while wolfing down Vietnamese noodles, Canadian bland flavour.  Later Pete messaged, “… want to see jaws tonight at ten with us?” Jaws!?  The Cineplex down at Yonge/Dundas is screening old films, so I walked down with them at 21:30 to catch the 22:00 screening.  What a film!  I first watched it at age 8, at Seth’s birthday party, after we’d had Hungry Jacks and got mini calculators that didn’t actually work.  I’m not sure it was the most appropriate film for 8-year-olds.  I found it terrifying tonight.  It was good to spend time with Pete & Royden; we’ve hardly seen all our neighbours lately.  Maybe it’s time for a summer evening party.

It would’ve been better if Dan was there so I could comfort him in the several scary parts where I was cringing and curled up on the edge of my chair.


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