Day 396 & 397 Workout

Yesterday wasn’t a good day. It started off promising; I bumped into Bec and we chatted, I got distracted and left my towel on the bench.  The new resident asked me to help look at a case over his shoulder, and I only reviewed the bit he was questioning, not the whole scan.  4 hours later I found out that there was something incidental I could’ve seen if I’d looked at the whole study.  I should’ve looked at the whole study. All three of my RSNA abstracts were rejected, which was a little disappointing.  I got home and my evening’s plans were cancelled (Pete had forgot, plus was sick, so hope he gets better).  I tried to Skype Daniel but he was in transit.  Then my Saturday plans were cancelled.  I went to bed.  And woke up at midnight!

Today was better.  I was rostered in CT in the AM session again, but if I have to report another friggen HCC post RFA 4-phase liver CT in the next month I’ll scream.  I met another of the new fellows today, a guy from Portugal.  It’s a more international bunch this year.  Violette came by to say goodbye.  It will be more than a year until we see each other again – assuming we both go to RSNA or RANZCR next year, or I fly to Sydney to visit family, Violette and Anna.

Good things today: I bumped into Ur at lunch at Starbucks.  Coffee is a popular thing to get at lunch.  I was in TGH US this afternoon and the sonographers there always make me smile.  Canadian Tire catalogue in the mail has many thing I’d like to buy, like a half price tent.  We already bought a tent but this one sleeps 13 people!  We could live in it!  I put it in the recycling before I committed myself to buying a camping table, gas burner and a new drill set.

I need sleep. Went to the gym from 20:30 to 21:00 tonight – it was packed.  But I found my lost gym towel and I did chin-ups until I couldn’t do any more.  Hopefully I’ll sleep right through tonight.

Canadian Tire has the best sales.
Canadian Tire has the best sales.



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