DAY 399 Academic Day

I had my first academic day in a month today.  My list of “Things to Do – Academic Day” had grown to a month’s worth of things, including “write-up” two projects.  At least I’ve cleared all my email inboxes and have started on drafts.  Before fellowship you think, “Oh wow! A whole year with a day a week to dedicate to a research project (or two)!  I’ll get so much done!”  But it’s not.  Even if rostering allowed for the 4 clinical:1 academic ratio that’s promised in the contract that’s 12 months minus 1 month of leave and 1 month of “nothing in the last two weeks, or first two weeks”.  No wonder everybody ends up scrambling at the end of fellowship to finish things! I’ve spent far more time on weekends and late nights getting Academic Day Things To Do things done than having rostered time to do them.  I’m goal-oriented so long-haul grinds (like reputation in World of Warcraft) although delayed-graftification is a slog.  Academic day stuff is slog.  Not like reporting an ultrasound list.  That’s just fun.

ESGAR photo gallery is up:

ESGAR 2014
ESGAR 2014
ESGAR 2014

It’s a clear evening.  The lights on the buildings downtown are all twinkling.  Well, most of them.  The bright yellow, “the Bay” outside our balcony doorway just glows custard yellow.  The CN tower is multicoloured again.  Sirens change frequency as the vehicles move towards or away from me.

I had dinner with Ur tonight. We got take-away sushi delivered from Asahi.  It was a good evening.  I had bought a shiraz-malbec blend from LCBO – where I had been asked for ID.  In Canada you have to be over 25 or something to buy alcohol.  It made me feel good that I apparently looked more than a decade younger than my age.

Listening to my Gym Tracks playlist while watching my laptop cycle through my 2013 Instagram photos.  We’ve done so much in the last 399 days in Canada.  There are photos of Perth too, dinner with Ben & Dion before we left.  It’s their 14-year anniversary today.  Mum & Wall in the ute, helping us move out of our house.  Snow peas growing in my garden.  When did I plant snow peas?  Alicia has been posting photos of Smudge on Facebook.  I’m sad but happy.


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