Day 404


This morning I cycled to work, after cuddling Dan for an extra five minutes.  I was in ultrasound.  It was a busy day but one of the new fellows, who was rostered as well in the afternoon (contrast ultrasound list for staff gets a second fellow), bought me a French Vanilla from Tim Hortons so I was happy, and didn’t realise I forgot to have a lunch break. I was working on resubmitting an abstract (done) and writing up for the abdo project I was working on last year with T.  There were no bikes outside the hospitals when I finally got out, just before six, so I caught the subway home.  We’re going downstairs to Julian’s tonight for dinner.  He offered to cook.  He probably regretted the offer after I started explaining all the things we don’t like between us.  Six days until vacation.

Daniel had an exciting day going to Costco with Dave, and forbidding me for going, ever.  He also posted to Facebook a cartoon on Oatmeal that was frame-for-frame the exact argument we’ve had a few times now over how to load the dishwasher.  Dan is the uncaring one who randomly shoves dishes in, like an inbred orang-utan.  At least he bought me a second IKEA green carpet rectangle, so now our balcony is one long grass-like carpeted green oasis, bounded by nasturtiums and basil and tomato plants.


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