Day 410 A Tuesday That Felt Like A Friday

I woke up tired this morning. We have a late night travelling to Winnipeg tonight so I skipped the gym in favour of lying in bed wishing I’d fall back asleep. By a quarter past six Daniel’s gentle breathing of the blissfully asleep was so deafening I gave up and scrolled through Facebook posts only phone. A new coal mine approved in Australia. More anti-Israeli cries about suffering children (I find it curious these same people weren’t crying about children elsewhere last month that were equally damaged in other conflicts). More Jewish friends posting a different perspective of the current war. I reflected on an article I’d read yesterday that concluded with a simple but powerful statement: we all live in Israel. Still mostly asleep I struggled to remember why those five words had resonated with me and, as guilty as everybody else with an iPhone, I scrolled past and my attention moved on.


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When Daniel finally woke up and leaned over to check his phone I left my porridge in the beeping microwave and jumped back into bed and awkwardly spooned. His torso is longer than mine so when I am the big spoon I either have to knee his sacrum or get a face full of mid thoracic spine.

Don’t squeeze me!

he exclaimed as I squeezed him.

I cycled to work. It was a cool, overcast morning. Is summer over already? I’m still recovering from winter. Maybe it’s time to buy ski boots.

It was a busy day in ultrasound. I was either on top of reporting (thank goodness the sonographers complete the bulk of our template reports) and cleaning data for my breast project, or there were five techs loitering around the reporting workstations holding stickers printed with examination details in their hands, waiting to review. I got to leap out of my seat several times and scan patients myself, which is always a joy – particularly when I get a crucial bit of history that fills the void between the clinical information provided and the imaging appearances.

I cycled home, blotches of half-hearted rain spurring me faster North up Yonge St. I’d had to walk to Bay to get a bike as the racks in front of the hospitals were empty. Dan had cooked a curry and was watching Seinfeld on Netflix when I spilled into our apartment.

We’ve left house keys with our neighbour, Julian, so he can water my plants. A nasturtium flowered yesterday. We’re almost at Pearson now. My mind is still at work. It feels like a Friday.

Day 410 to Manitoba!

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