Day 414 A Quiet Day


We had planned on kayaking today with belugas but didn’t book and turns out things actually book out here! So we spent the day in our beds. Except to go make a waffle for breakfast and to walk down the road for lunch (if I have to eat one more friggen Caesar salad I’ll vomit). We also walked to the bay at 13:00 where we watched the annual Bay Dip. Crazy locals jumping I to the freezing water to retrieve ribbons from a line, relay race teams.

For dinner we walked down to the other end of town, to Lazy Bear Cafe, which has the best ambience.

I hope there is a good movie on TV. I’ve read all my e-comics and sorted my photos and even did sit-ups and push-ups in the floor. I’m not good at relaxing holidays with nothing to do.



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