Day 419 High Park

I finally visited Toronto’s High Park tonight; Julian & Daniel had organised tickets to see Canadian Stage’s outdoor Shakespeare in the Park performance of As You Like It.  Dan prepared dinner, a salad and with a roast chicken (from Loblaws) but topped off with Eaton Mess, where he’d baked the meringue himself (even with his dud back).  The tipsy lady behind us couldn’t help but burst out at the sight of our dessert at how wonderful our picnic was.  She’s obviously never seen the pretentious food at Perth International Arts Festival outdoor cinema.

Dan makes nice picnic food.

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Tonight’s play I enjoyed immensely.  Firstly, it was the first Shakespeare play I found funny.  Usually I spend most of the play trying to translate the language.  Maybe it was the delivery, or perhaps my brain clicked into tune faster tonight but I found myself laughing, out loud.  Secondly, I actually liked almost all of the actors’ performances.  Usually at a theatre production I’ll find one or two performances resonate with me.  Then there’s at least one weak performance that grates.  Tonight, all the actors were engaging and believable as their characters.

Our bums went numb sitting on the grass/cement levels, despite the thin cushions that were part of our booked seats.  We caught the train home.  Tomorrow night we’ve got tickets to see Tori Amos.  Last night we’d spontaneously caught the subway and a bus to visit Dave & Antony (and baby Josh), as well as their friend, Manny, who was visiting from DC.  We ate fish & chips.  And pie.  On top of being back at work, it’s been an exhausting three-day work week.  Our aim of going out in the evenings, especially during summer, even if we’re tired has truly been met this week.

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